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The Berkshires are full of frights and sights

Halloween in the Berkshires

Forget countdowns to Christmas. Once the first day of fall arrives it is a countdown to the last day of October, when we celebrate all the fun and spooky horror that is Halloween.

For centuries we have gathered together for all Hallows’ Eve. Its origins date back to the Celtic tradition of Samhain, a celebration that marks the end of the harvest. It featured many things we still associate with the holiday, like costumes, bonfires and plenty of references to the dead and spirits. It also involved things not so much, like sacrifices to appease the spirits and to preserve their harvest through the approaching winter.

Over the years the celebration has been changed and adapted to fit the standards of the current culture. Today in the United States, Halloween is a light-hearted evening where we celebrate as a time for candy, scary movies and a questionable amount of “sexified” costumes.

The holiday is a favorite to many, but you’ll want to make sure you have a game plan before you head out into the dark and stormy night. First above all is your costume. After weeks of planning, plotting and gathering all the necessary items you can finally show off your cleverness with that perfect costume to terrify or delight at the night’s parties.

The right costume is all about balance. It requires the right mix of thought, affordability and mobility. No one wants to drop $200 on a costume for one evening or be the 13th person to show up dressed as the Joker nurse from The Dark Knight.

You’ll want to also make sure you are comfortable in your environment. Your costume might seem like a great idea until you find yourself outside in the cool autumn night dressed like it’s July, or in a packed room as hot as a sauna.

Next is planning out the night’s events. If you don’t have to spend the 31st inside watching old horror flicks and gorging on sweets (nothing wrong with that) you’ll want to have an A-to-Z knowledge of what is going on for Halloween. And in the Berkshires, there are plenty of events both entertaining and horrifying enough to cause you to lose sleep and count sheep. From haunted hayrides to dance parties there is a stacked list of events to choose from. And after all that hard work you put into your costume, you’ll definitely want to check out one of the many costume contests across the Berkshires. We’ve put together a list of some must-see events this Halloween season; terrific and terrifying. There should not be a dull moment leading up to Halloween night with a number of events across the county and over the state line — from the parade in Pittsfield to the nationally renowned Headless Horseman haunted houses and hayrides. Happy Halloween!

13 Nights at Jiminy
Date: Open every Friday & Saturday night through the month of October
Time: 6:30 -10:30 p.m.
Location: Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort, Hancock
Experience the terror as you descend into the depths of Jiminy’s past as a haunted hold out. This season tour the local hotel of the Jericho Valley where you never know what will be lurking around the corner, but there’s always vacancy…..and then ride through the darkness to the summit of Jiminy Peak where chaos lies in wait for you. Your haunt experience will last approximately 40 minutes but will

Headless Horseman Hayrides
Date: Open every Friday & Saturday night through the month of October
Time: 6:30 -10:30 p.m.
Location: 778 Broadway, Route 9W Ulster Park, N.Y.
Just a short drive outside of Berkshire County, this is the must-visit haunted hayride attraction. Consistently voted one of the best and scariest in the country, the Headless Horseman offers its main hayride along with six haunted houses and a magic/illusion show and more to terrify and entertain for the Halloween season.

Pittsfield Halloween Parade
Date: Friday Oct. 25
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Tyler Street, Pittsfield
The streets of Pittsfield will be filled with monsters, ghouls, heroes, villains and more for the city’s 72nd annual Halloween parade. The long celebrated tradition in the Berkshires invites participants of all ages to march in celebration of the holiday along with Halloween themed floats. There will also be a city-sponsored trick or treat on Halloween night from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Ghost Tours at the Mount
Date: Fridays Oct. 7-28
Time: 5:45 and 7 p.m.
Location: 2 Plunkett Street, Lenox
Creaking floors, slamming doors, and ghostly footsteps…The Mount’s haunted history includes it all! For over a century, The Mount has been home to writers, actors, wealthy families, hardworking servants, and teenage girls. Take a special guided tour of the most haunted parts of the estate to find out who may still call The Mount home. You never know who–or what–might happen to show up!

Haunted Happenings at Naumkeag
Date: Friday, October 19, Saturday, October 20, Friday, October 26, Saturday, October 27
Time: 6:30-9 p.m.
Location: 5 Prospect Hill Road, Stockbridge, MA 01262
Naumkeag’s Haunted House returns with more scares, bigger haunts and new surprises that are not for the faint of heart! This year, we’re moving things into the mansion itself in addition to a new, frightening path through our historic gardens. Don’t miss the Southern Berkshire’s only Haunted House! Recommended ages 12 and up.


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