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Come learn about Tree Care at River Walk

GREAT BARRINGTON — On Saturday, September 28th River Walk is inviting tree-minded community members to Save A Tree, a learning event focused on the best care and maintenance of large trees. Local land care expert, Tom Ingersoll will lead this hands-on workshop aimed at teaching the steps needed to encourage the health of large trees. Tom’s land care practices emphasize safety, education, sustainability, and fun. Meet for this event in the W.E.B Du Bois River Park located in the downstream section of River Walk at 1:30 pm.

Our work will focus on supporting the health of the Red Oak on Bridge Street, adjacent to River Walk. There are many special trees within the community, large trees that we value and check in on when we are in their neighborhood, trees that are historic and significant in the landscape. This is especially true for riverside trees. They have an enormous ecological impact. The Red Oak’s roots help to secure the river bank, its branches provide habitat to a host of birds and pollinators, and its glossy green leaves give shade to humans and other mammals.  Great Barrington Land Conservancy invites you to lend a hand to help ensure that the health of this valuable tree is protected and supported. At the same time, you can learn the steps needed to care for trees in your own yard. Come dressed for work; work gloves are recommended. Eye and ear protection will be provided.

This is a collaborative event, and is supported bythe Great Barrington Tree Committee, the Great Barrington Conservation Commission, and Ward’s Nursery and Garden Center. To register, email us at: On the same day visitors can explore a self-guided “Tree Trail” on River Walk upstream and a newly labeled River Walk Tree Arboretum in the downstream trail section.

Great Barrington Land Conservancy has been promoting land conservation, farm preservation and community trails since 1992.  River Walk, project of GBLC, and a National Recreation Trail provides volunteer and educational opportunities in the spring, summer and fall.

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